XLED home 2 XL S white

Day-bright light in XL size. Powerful XLED home 2 XL S sensor-switched outdoor floodlight with 10 m sensor reach. Ideal for illuminating larger areas such as driveways, courtyards and gardens. Swivelling precision IR sensor covering 180°. Fully swivelling LED panel (180°, horizontally and vertically). Superior opal cover for optimum lighting. 2120 lm, 19,3 W, 180° angle of coverage, high thermal conductivity magnesium composite cooling system (HCMC).

XLED home 2 XL S white

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Big Brother. Day-bright light for large areas.

The powerful XLED home 2 XL S sensor-switched outdoor floodlight is the first choice for those who like it particularly bright or need to illuminate large areas. Innovative, highly efficient LEDs ensure the perfect illumination of driveways, courtyards and gardens. With an energy consumption of just 19,3 W. The XLED home 2 XL S is also a moving wonder. The fully swivelling LED panel ensures maximum flexibility. In combination with the opal cover, the floodlight ensures optimum lighting conditions around the home with a colour temperature of 3000 K.

Article number
European Article Number (EAN)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
161 x 180 x 240 mm
Mains power supply
220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Mounting height max.
4,00 m
Sensor Technology
passive infrared
19,3 W
Detection angle
180 °
Sneak-by guard
Capability of masking out individual segments
Reach, radial
r = 5 m (39 m²)
Reach, tangential
r = 10 m (157 m²)
Photo-cell controller
Twilight setting
2 – 2000 lx